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Over 54% of successful candidates are found through LinkedIn. With expert step-by-step, automated online training, learn how to become a smarter LinkedIn jobseeker.

Your Privacy Settings

4 essential privacy settings for anyone using LinkedIn for career or personal goals

Your Personal Profile

A-Z of how to maximise 9 sections of your personal profile for maximum impact

LinkedIn Jobs Section

Important settings + hacks for speedier, more efficient and smarter jobseeking

Stop Endless Job Searching

It's time to stop trawling through job websites and sending applications into voids and black holes. Learn how to become a standout candidate on LinkedIn with SmartFox. Get back in control. Optimise your profile like a pro. Get recruiters to find your profile easily on LinkedIn via recruiter searches. Shape and craft your profile to sell your skills and clearly show why you're the best person for the job. 

Louise, Course Creator

LinkedIn specialist & trainer, digital marketing consultant, business owner, writer, speaker.

I've trained over 900 people (in person!) in LinkedIn for jobseekers and sales, across all skill levels, since 2017. But it wasn't always like this. I was a jobseeker for many months in 2016 and then I discovered how to use my SEO, website copywriting and digital marketing skills to optimise my LinkedIn profile, making it stand out, shine and SELL to recruiters on LinkedIn. Now, I'll help you to do the same. 


Free LinkedIn Plan 

Everything that I cover in this training, including the dos and don'ts of creating a perfectly optimised LinkedIn profile, controlling your privacy settings and expert advice for getting the most back from the LinkedIn 'Jobs' section is tailored for the FREE LinkedIn plan. 

Yep, that's right. There's is absolutely no need to upgrade to any of the LinkedIn paid plans such as LinkedIn Premium to implement my training.

"I have taken both the LinkedIn for Jobseekers Masterclass and LinkedIn Profile Polish and within a fortnight I found myself in my dream job! The course is simple, well structured and easy to follow. You can set aside time to go through it all at once or easily dip in and out a section at a time, all the while improving your LinkedIn profile and usage. There's a lot of valuable information to take in but Louise is a natural trainer, whose delivery is both instructive and supportive. I'd recommend these courses to anyone seeking employment, a promotion or to make more meaningful business connections."

Pam Ryan
Content & Digital Marketing Executive, WeddingDates

Which course is best for you?

Quietly considering changing roles? Returning from a career break? Both of the SmartFox LinkedIn for Jobseekers courses have been designed specifically for you. Choose from short & sweet LinkedIn Profile Polish. Or in-depth Masterclass covering Privacy, Profiles and 'LinkedIn Jobs'.


Not very technical?

Don't worry! This is a very simple, step-by-step, 3-part course with easy to follow videos and demos using a real LinkedIn account. Once you log in, the course rolls out automatically. And I've been constantly testing and adapting this training content since 2017 as it's the exact same content that I deliver in person through my workshops to all skill levels from basic to intermediate. 


" The videos were professionally produced, nicely paced and Louise was very clear throughout with plenty of 'hands on' explanations. I was able to follow the training and implement it on my own profile at the same time. It gets you really thinking about where you are in your career, where you want to go and how you want to be perceived. (So there's a bit of career training going on here!) What I really liked about the online training is having access to all that advice whenever suited me. I was able to do the course at my own pace, rewind the bits I needed to and revisit when necessary."

Gillian Hennessy
PR, Marketing and Wedding Coordinator. Triskel Arts Centre, Cork


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